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Wellness massages 


Chocolate massage                             5.500.-                       9.100.-

Escape from everyday’s stress and let our professionals encompass you with fine, lukewarm chocolate of 100% cocoa. The chocolate massage is essentially an endorphin producing, soul effecting treatment. It has an effect that reduces stress and anxiety. It hydrates and tones up the body; through its content of dissolved minerals it is plasticizing and revitalizing. We recommend it to all age groups, also to pregnant women. Duration of the massage is 30 minutes or 60 minutes.  


Relaxing aroma massage                   5.500.-                        9.100.-

The aroma massage is a treatment with essential oils and plants extracts that has an aroma therapy effect. The essential oils are active factors of wellness, indispensable drops of body and soul that represent the energy of plants and flowers packed in little bottles. In the course of the  aroma massage we select the most appropriate combination for you which is  the best for the regeneration of the body, soul and spirit, stress relief and relaxation. A repetition within 24 hours is not recommended due to the strong effect of the aroma! Duration of the massage is 30 minutes or 60 minutes respectively.   


Bamboo massage                                5.500.-                       9.100.-

The bamboo massage reduces tension  and intensifies the operation of sensitive receptors, vitalizes the blood circulation, rebuilds the skin’s silhouette and softness. Thanks to its lymph cleaning effect it relaxes and tranquilizes. Ideal both for men (especially sportsmen) and women (especially for cellulite treatment). Main accessories of the massage are the specifically prepared bamboos in different sizes and massage oils. Duration of the massage is 30 minutes or 60 minutes respectively.  


Chakra- and lava stone massage        5.700.-                     10.100.-

The chakra- and lava stone massage influences the body with the magic power of the special stones, through the hot vibration of energy. Lava stones mean the valued guardians of different frequencies, colours and heat. They transfer vibrations when heated up and placed on meridians and give energy, so the body and spirit get filled up with good feeling and peaceful calmness. The combination of the stone- power and special ayurveda massage has a calming and unwinding effect, brushes off the accumulated stress, and restores the harmony and balance of the organism as well as the soul. The massage restores the harmony of body and soul in the course of complete relaxation. A majestic second in the hassle of working days, a millennial treatment that means the oasis of peace and tranquillity in the rush of our world. Duration of the massage is 60 minutes.   


Sweet honey massage                         5.500.-                      9.100.-

The sweet honey massage gives a magic sweet adventure. Golden honey drops on the skin which the expert hands transform into a special wellness massage. This intensive honey massage renews and nourishes the skin, turning it soft and irresistibly silky and tight. Duration of the massage is 30 minutes or 60 minutes respectively.   


Pampering face- and head massage         5.500.-

The pampering face- and head massage restores the balance and harmony of the organism. Ideal for all types of tension that affects the head, eyes, throat, ears, neck and shoulders. When applied regularly it provides detoxifying effects, improves the memory, brings about an improvement of the eyes, ensures intensified oxygen supply. Excellent against migraine and headache! Duration of the massage is 30 minutes.  


Anti-Age body treatment – with red grape seed and fibre       9.100.-

Anti-age body treatment tones up with red grape seeds and fibre, gives an antioxidant effect, fights against the free radicals that are responsible for skin aging. The polyphenol content of the red grape helps the production of collagen and elastin, thereby it reduces the skin subsidence, helps the rejuvenation of the skin. Duration of the massage is 60 minutes. 


Slimming green tea body treatment                                          9.100.-

In the course of the slimming green tea body treatment the green tee mask improves the skin elasticity, helps the detoxification of the body, losing weight and toning up. During the treatment the mask temperature slowly rises that helps the active substance to get into the skin. Recommended for all skin types as a cure. Duration of the massage is 60 minutes.  


Creoles secret – body scrub with cane sugar     4.400.-

The creoles secret is a full range of scrubbing and hydrating treatment. The brown sugar removes the dead epithelial and skin contaminations. The sweet almond oil and vitamin E soften the skin and leave a hydrating protective coating behind. Duration of the massage is 30 minutes.




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