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Body contouring treatments 


Body wrapping in cinnamon                                                  2.900.-

Cinnamon moisturizes and renews the skin through its beneficial effects. It burns calories and it brings about an anti- cellulite treatment. Duration of the massage is 30 minutes.  


Ultrasound treatment - slimming, calorie burning with cosmetics    3.600.-

The ultrasound is a longitudinal vibration that intrudes into the tissues many millimeters deep and affects them there. The vessels dilate, the lymph stream improves, the permeability of the cell membrane increases. Through the ultrasound head various active ingredients can be transmitted (lipolytic, skin care products). We use it for problematic zones – for burning calories at the hips and thighs as well as it is also an excellent treatment against cellulite. Duration of the massage is 30 minutes.    



Cellulite massage                                   5.300.-

The orange skin (cellulite) massage restores the blood circulation and the metabolism as well as it helps one to get rid of toxins. In the course of the massage we speed up the backflow of the lymph liquid through very soft grip techniques. Duration of the massage is 30 minutes.



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