Active relaxation

On the southern part of the spa the active aqua zone brought about for families, kids and youngsters provides home for the eventful summer spa pools.

What can be found here?


The innovation of the summer of 2016 is the Adrenalin Slide Park consisting of 5 new slides deploying extreme elements.  

Major parameters:

  • the attraction of a 400 m new slide
  • an initial height of close to 20 m
  • a splash after speeding at even 70 km per hour
  • unlimited access with as much as an entry to the spa


Family slide complex:

6 slides with varying degrees of difficulty:   

  • Anaconda slide: 81 m long, twisting-twirling, open. Children beyond 12 can use it on their own.
  • 2 extra steep Kamikaze slides. Children beyond 12 can use it on their own
  • 3-lane family slide, which can be used with parent-supervision in ages 3 to 12. Children beyond 12 can use it on their own.

Wave pool:

The gradually deepening wave pool is everybody’s favourite. One can enjoy sea-side waves at the Zalakaros spa.

  •  Water surface: 555 m2
  • Water temperature: 28-32 ºC
  • Water depth: 0,4-1,6 m

Family pool:

Bathing youngsters demonstrating their skills can get through the pool on a WATER TRAIL, using a ropeway along the on-water isles. The broad slide of a slight slope placed in the pool is perfect for younger children and those just beginning to slide. Animators  organise here in the family pool the Water Trail Gallop, the slide race and different skill contests for youngsters.

Water surface: 559 m2                     Water temperature: 32 ºC                 Water depth: 1,2 m

Fitness pool:

We offer our guests aqua fitness classes in the thermal water pool twice daily, before and after noon.

Water surface: 310 m2                     Water temperature: 32 °C                 Water depth: 1,2 m 

Children’s splash pool:

Youngsters can safely splash around in the small children’s pool situated near the Club House, in the cool shadow of trees.

Water surface: 90 m2                        Water temperature: 30 °C               Water depth: 0,3 - 0,5 m Water Spider – Odd Fish

Fairy-tale spa:

Water Spider – Odd Fish, the well-known hero of the underwater fairyland and its friends literally capture kids, who move along from one adventure to the other with the help of the ropes of a spider’s web.

The Water Spider – Odd Fish Story Spa of Zalakaros Bath awaits kids from 0 – 12 with more than 60 kinds of water attractions on 400 square metres and a multi-storeyed pool complex.

On the ground level of the two-storey pool they can splash in the shadow of sun sails, swim in the mysterious caves of the water world, and play hide and seek under water-spraying gates and plants. Slides of various colours and forms offer adventures and near the Anaconda small black hole rainbow slides invite brave explorers, while kids with an even more adventurous spirit can engage in a water-cannon fight.

  • age groups from 0 to 12 
  • more than 60 kinds of water attractions
  • waterfalls
  • slides
  • water-cannons  


Club Clubhouse and Play-yard

In the Club House in the direct vicinity of the Water Spider – Odd Fish Story Spa skilled animators await youngsters and juniors with a varied program offer on each day of the week. They can attend creative sessions the whole day in the club house: drawing contest, fancy dress making, face painting are permanent parts of the offer.

Those with an enterprising spirit are awaited by a climbing tower in the playhouse, while a climbing wall, jungle gyms, seesaw and lots of outdoor games are available in the yard.Entry to the programmes and contests can be made at the Clubhouse, and it is there that competitions begin as well, while the place may transform into a dance deck at the end of the day as a part of the programme.

Children have the opportunity to acquaint themselves with great many surprises, interesting and funny projects.


About the Club program in a nutshell

The series of the Club programs provide kids lasting memories by a permanent offer of colourful and entertaining programmes for children. They can let off steam during music, dance and team contests. Days organised around topics like the pirate day or the day of knights and princesses ensure creative entertainment. The Latino and Aquasalsa dance training programme at Club Oasis builds on Latin rhythms and exercises easy to follow, thereby offering them enjoyable entertainment.


While the kids are playing, parents are relaxing? Yes!

The place where the whole family can get recharged!  Club offers real and active relaxation! Besides relaxing, entertainment cannot be neglected either, therefore our Hungarian speaking, highly qualified on-site animators make our guests’ vacation varied by lively family team games, and colourful sport programmes. !

Rest and entertainment at the same place? Why not!

Our animators trained in the spirit of the Think Healthy! Programme provide for the adventures of children. As formulated in the GE! (Think Healthy) Programme’s mission statement mental health, the child’s relation to nature or their ability to get adapted to society are at least as important in a child’s healthy development as the classic elements of healthy lifestyle, nutrition and physical movement. For this reason the Think Healthy! Programme addresses all the fields that determine children’s healthy development, like nutrition, health and hygiene, physical and emotional development, socialization and education.

Sport- and spare time programmes

A wide range of sports and playful contests, family programmes from football to water aerobics is available for those who take part in the Club Programme.  

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