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Mud pack

The medicinal mud from Hévíz processed in advance and mixed with Zalakaros medicinal water is applied to the body in a triple wrap cover of sheet-film and blanket at the temperature and for a duration prescribed by a doctor. An hour’s rest is recommended following the mud pack! Application areas: the scope of degenerative locomotor diseases, rehabilitation after accidents. Those suffering from gynecological and certain dermatological diseases may also benefit from this treatment. You need to consult the specialist of the spa for the cash purchase of the mud pack.


Mud bath

The treatment is administered exploiting the medicinal mud from the Lake of Hévíz, which is mixed in the right proportion with the medicinal water of Zalakaros. An hour’s rest is recommended following the mud bath! Application areas: the scope of degenerative locomotor diseases, rehabilitation after accidents. Those suffering from gynecological and certain dermatological diseases may also benefit from this treatment. The mud bath is available only for cash.



Parafango is the mixture of mud and paraffin. Heated to 40 ° C parafango is administered to the ailing part of the body as a hot pack then it is tightly covered by a film and a sheet. Effect: it improves circulation and the tissues' supply of oxygen as well as relieves pain. It can be effective with chronic spine and limb arthritis, arthrosis, and muscle pain. The treatment is available only for cash. 


Medical therapy massage

The aim of medical therapy massage is to improve blood circulation and loosen tight knit, painful muscles through the art of traditional Swedish massage. It restores elasticity of the skin by increasing its blood circulation and removes waste deposited in the deeper layers. Improving circulation in the muscles it enhances muscle capacity.   


Foot-Reflex Massage

Foot massage is a method suitable for preventing illnesses, refreshing and regenerating the body. There are over 70,000 nerve endings in the leg. The massage affects the operation of the whole organism in a harmonizing manner, through the reflex zones situated in the sole. The effect of foot massage: strengthens the immune system, triggers detoxification functions (liver, kidney, respiratory organs), triggers the body's own healing mechanisms, promotes quality of life functions, refreshes, relaxes. The foot reflex massage is not only recommended for those who suffer from some kind of disease, but also for those who are tired, exhausted, dejected! The treatment is available only for cash.


Lymphatic massage

Lymphatic massage is a physiotherapy procedure where the reflux of lymphatic is enhanced with the help of a very mild grip technology. Lymphatic massage activates the immune system and metabolism, empties tissue oedema - reducing thereby the pain in the relevant organs - and, indirectly, improves blood circulation, nourishes and oxygenates the cells. The treatment is available only for cash



In administering physiotherapy, the aim is to restore original performance using professional mobilization and to try to achieve whatever is possible through follow up therapy. 

Individual physiotherapy

Our physiotherapists use individually tailored therapy of movement, which aims to restore the function of the ailing part of the body while taking into consideration the patient’s psychic, corporeal and age features. (McKenzie training, Terrier’s soft tissue mobilization, mobilization carried out on suspended bars, tool supported muscle training).

Group physiotherapy

  • Neck and shoulder exercises using equipment (balls, sticks, rubber band amplifier)
  • Spine exercise, using muscle strengthening, posture improvement physio-ball
  • Osteoporosis gymnastics – Gymnastics for patients suffering from osteoporosis

Underwater group physiotherapy

The exercises are performed in the thermal water, in the course of which the weight of the body is lessened by the water’s buoyancy thus the movement is not stressful for the heart and the joints, therefore it can be implemented even when joints are painful, through which mobility can be enhanced. It helps improve one’s condition, reduce pain, improve metabolism and enhance blood and lymphatic circulation. It is excellent for burning fat in overweight and is also easy on the joints.  



Underwater jet massage where the combined effect of the massage and thermal water reduces  tied muscles, and the rigidity of muscles and joints degeneration dissolves. In addition, it stimulates metabolism, and enhances blood and lymphatic circulation. Individualized treatment, which is administered in a special tub.  


Weight bath

Suspended at the neck or armpits the patient  hangs in deep thermal water, where the legs do not reach the bottom of the pool. Weights are attached to the patient’s waist or ankle for the purpose of pulling apart the vertebrae from each other. It loosens large joints. It is recommended for neck, back and lower back pain, sciatica, hip constriction or in case of knee arthrosis. The weight bath is available for cash payment and it requires consultation with the health care professional of the spa.


Carbonic acid bath

The free carbonic acid gas covers the body surface in the form of tiny bubbles, so its effect turns the skin red, dilates the capillaries, thereby improving circulation. It has a calming effect in mild heart conditions like post-infarction, exhaustion, stress-related complaints. Effective in cases when the blood supply of an organ needs to be improved. It is also recommended in conditions like diabetes, aging or hormone related lime deficiency, improvement of the functioning and conditioning of the nervous system. It also offers an excellent addition to the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis.



Electrotherapy treatments

Ultrasonic treatment, four cell galvanic bath, magnet therapy, selective stimulus current, stable galvanic, dia-dynamic, interference, iontophoresis, TENS.An hour’s rest is recommended to follow the electro-therapeutic treatments, which are administered by using inflammation or pain relieving ointments!

Electro-therapy treatments are available for cash payment and require a consultation with the health care professional of the spa


Selective current stimulation therapy

It serves to treat paralyzed muscle tissues. We use it for cases of weak muscles caused by trauma or dystrophy caused by chronic arthrosis


Stable galvanic treatment

Can be applied in ascending and descending current forms. Effective for the inflammation of nerves as well as nerve pain radiating to the lower and higher limbs.


Diadynamic, Interference treatments

Various forms of treatment reducing inflammation and alleviating pain, in the course of which various forms of electric current is used to administer treatment for various periods of time and well controllable power. Chronic pain syndromes, muscle tightness, certain nerve pains can be treated excellently. It has a pain reducing and slightly hyperaemic effect.



It is used for the infiltration of various medications or medical materials (Diclac, Lidocaine, Hydrocortisone, Flector, Dionin) through the skin to the damaged and ailing parts of the body with the help of galvanic current. It serves to reduce muscle pain and overstrain, alleviate arthritis, accelerate the absorption of hematomas and soften scars.



Muscle and nerve stimulator, the use of which is recommended in the areas of chronic joint pain, muscle pain, osteoporosis, pain radiation, and to accelerate muscle gain, muscle relaxation and regeneration


Ultrasound treatment

Micro-massage generated by mechanical vibrations that can trigger thermal and chemical effects. Good anti-inflammatory, muscle relaxing, analgising, vasodilating and epithelizing effect. It helps the infiltration of pharmacological agents into deeper layers (creams, gels, solutions). Effective in treating: stiffness in the neck and shoulder muscles, degenerative joint diseases and discopathia. Conventional ultrasound therapy is suitable for the treatment of almost all locomotor disorders.


Underwater ultrasound treatment

Underwater micro massage administered mainly for the treatment of the smaller joints of the hand. It has analgetic, vasodilatory, anti-spasmic, connective tissue easing and epithelizing effect.    


Magnetic therapy (magnetic ring)

The magnetic field affects the ionic circulation within cells, improves the oxygen supply of cells, causes the capillaries to dilate. As a result of the accelerated ionic circulation the wastes are processed at an accelerated rate and thus the inflammatory process as well as the accompanying pain subdue. Indications: diseases of cartilage, mild to moderate muscle weakness, incontinence, pain syndrome, low back pain, radiating pain, migraine, post-stroke condition, phantom pain after amputation. It is also beneficial in the rehabilitation of sports injuries. Counter-indications: built-in pacemaker, fever, pregnancy, hyperthyroidism, stomach and intestinal bleeding, juvenile diabetes.  


Complex treatment

The essence of the complex treatment is that the doctor prescribes 15 packages composed of 1 admission to the spa and 3 types of treatment selected, which can be used on 2 occasions per year. The treatments have to be used by the patient for 3 weeks in a continuum, on every week-day (Monday-Friday). During the rest time between the treatments taken on a particular day our spa ensures a separate room for rest.

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